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PROGRAM 5    $8,495
Madinah Arrival / N. American Tents – (Upgrade Program to Near Jamarat tents for $2,000)

 Madinah - Makkah - Hajj  

Depart: August 01 & 02  ↔  Return: August 16 & 17



Quad - $8,495 | Triple - $10,595 | Double - $11,995


Round trip airfare (Additional charges will be added depending on the city of departure)

 Madinah (3 to 4 days) – Stay in a 5-star hotel (Alnukhbah, Dallah Taibah, Coral, Movenpick) 150m
   away from the Mosque, (4 people / room) - (2 meals Open Buffet daily) -
(08/02 – 08/06)

Makkah Hotel  Stay in a 5 star hotel (Hilton Convention) 200m away from the Haram, (4 people / room)
   - (2 meals Open Buffet daily) - 
(08/06 – 08/15 or 16)
   Your room will be available for you during Hajj days, however, transportation to and from Mena is extremely difficult and
    no organized transportation can be made during
these days. Hotel will not provide food during Hajj days only breakfast on
    8th Zul Hijja and food services will
start again for dinner on 12th Zul Hijja

Depending on travel date allowed by Hajj Ministry, there could be a need for a one day stay in Jeddah.

 Stay in Mena & Arafat in tents (American Camps assigned by Hajj Ministry), (3 pre-packaged meals
   with refreshments- provided by Mutawwif office) – (08/09 – 08/14)

Transportation - Air conditioned buses

Educational Program

Visits to the Holy Sites

 ** Please note that these dates are based on Um AlQura University which is taking into account that Zul-Qida is 30 days. If the Lunar Calendar shifts, this could result in you leaving Mina on the 12th Zul-Hijjah instead of the 13th (You will be making  Ta’ajul).  Which is completely acceptable and will not affect the completion of your Hajj according to َthe Qur’an (Ch2:203).  However, it is better to stay until the 13th Zul-Hijjah. So please talk to your Imam to
learn more about Ta’ajul.

Package does not include: 1) Hajj Fees $350 (The Hajj Ministry may increase the fee to $475, if that happens then you will be charged the additional amount).

                                              2) Qurbani $175

                                              3) %5 VAT = $250

                                              4) %5 Municipality Tax = $250

                                              5) Additional airline charge depending on city of departure

                                              6) Any additional taxes the Saudi government may decide to impose

                                              7) There is an additional charge of $535 (2,000SR) if you have gone to Hajj during the past 5 years.

Dates are subject to change due change in Hijri dates and airline availability



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