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PROGRAM 1    $5,795
Jeddah Arrival / N. American Tents – (Upgrade Program to Near Jamarat tents for $2,000)

Apartment Building - Hajj  

Depart: August 03 & 04  ↔  Return: August 16 & 17



Round trip airfare  (Additional airline charge will be added depending on the city of departure)


Residential Apartment (3 to 4 days) -- (2 meals Open Buffet daily) - (08/05 – 08/08)

 Stay in Mena & Arafat in tents (American Camps assigned by Hajj Ministry),
   (3 pre-packaged meals with refreshments- provided by Mutawwif office) – (08/09 – 08/14)

Transportation - Air conditioned buses

Educational Program

Visits to the Holy Sites


 ** Please note that these dates are based on Um AlQura university which is taking into account that Zul-Qida is 30 days. If the Lunar Calendar shifts, this could result in you leaving Mina on the 12th Zul-Hijjah instead of the 13th (You will be making  Ta’ajul).  Which is completely acceptable and will not affect the completion of your Hajj according to َthe Qur’an (Ch2:203).  However, it is better to stay until the 13th Zul-Hijjah. So please talk to your Imam to learn more about Ta’ajul.

* Building rooming is based on 4 and 5 in a room depending on the size of the room.

Package does not include: 1) Hajj Fees $350 (The Hajj Ministry may increase the fee to $475, if that happens then you will be charged the additional amount)

                                              2) Qurbani $175

                                              3) %5 VAT = $150

                                              4) %5 Municipality Tax = $150

                                              5) Additional airline charge depending on city of departure

                                              6) Any additional taxes the Saudi government may decide to impose

                                              7) There is an additional charge of $535 (2,000SR) if you have gone to Hajj during the past 5 years.


Dates are subject to change due change in Hijri dates and airline availability



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