Hajj 2016 (Hijri 1437)

Salaam future Hajjees: It is wise to remember that Hajj is a spiritual journey on which you will be tested multiple times. There are so many things that are out of the control of anyone such as, the overwhelming heat of the desert, the huge crowds, the propensity to become sick (due to lack of sleep, exhaustion and exposure to sick people) and the whims of the Mutawaf. The only thing that can be managed is how you personally handle these difficulties and hardships. All hajj companies provide similar services and you get what you pay for. In other words if you pay for the economy package do not expect premium services. The difference with Al-Manasik though, is regardless of the package chosen, all the services provided are with heart and kindness Alhamdulilah. Keep in mind Brother Farid and all the other staff members are only human, but always try to do the best that they can and consider your safety important.. Jazak Allah Khair. That is all we can ask of anyone. All other items such as accommodations, facilities, transport and food are only for a very short time. Pay attention to advice, prepare yourself mentally and physically, and do not let these very short term hardships distract you from the ultimate goal of Hajj Mabroor. I chose Al-Manasik by recommendation and Alhamdillalah it was the best choice for me. May Allah guide you to the best decision.
Sister Sofia

Hajj 2016

Assalamu A'laikum, 

My Hajj experience with Al-Manasik was amazing. I found Al-Manasik team to be sincere, caring ang compassionate. The were organized except for the parts where they did not have any control over. They were very open and forthright with information and the services they had promised. I would like to encourage my fellow Hujjaj to understand that Hajj by its sheer nature is hard and each one of us is meant to be tested many times.

From our arrival at Madinah airport, to stay in Madinah, trip to Makkah, accommodations in Makkah, Mina, Muzdalfah, Arafa were very well planned and organized. There were human factors caused by other hujjaj and local authorities that were out of the hands of Al-Manasik. 

I had no problems with wifi or putting up with the oppressive heat of the desert. I am extremely grateful that we had extra time to get to the airport, as we were given a lot of run around at Jeddah airport and only made it to our gate 2 hours before departure and the trials didn't end there. I am also grateful for the staff waiting for people to arrive at shuttle pick up, because we had several people including myself who had to take things slowly due to our health and exhaustion. Whenever we had a problem, all we had to do is to ask Al-Manasik team for help and they did their best to help us. 

Anyone going to hajj with Al-Manasik can rest easy as they will be well taken care of. Brs. Farid, Qazi, Sulayman, Ahmed, Baraa and others were amazing. May Allah grant them immense jaza for their hard work.

Noting more to say

I started to write my thoughts about my Hajj trip and I couldn't say more than what the people said before me. All I can say is that Almanasik does care about their Hajjis and care a lot.
Definitely recommend for anyone to go with them.

Hajj 2015

Best hajj group in the USA.

Hajj 2015 - Love Almanasik!!

It was my first time performing hajj, and honestly if i plan on performing hajj again i wouldn't hesitate to call on Almanasik. I felt relaxed for most of the trip, enjoyed conversing with the friendly staff, and the felt that accommodations were pretty great.
The hotels in madina and mecca were pretty clean, and the apartment building was awesome.

The building was clean, drinks, snacks, icecream were stocked at all times. Food was served twice a day. Anything else i wanted i bought from outside.


  1. Don't buy something that doesn't look sanitary from vendors (with regard to food).
  2. Those who go to the haram day and night and become exhausted due to sleep deprivation are the ones who get sick instantly...(they're trip goes from amazing to miserable)
  3. Use the restroom before leaving to the haram, bathrooms are far away, especially if you have a small bladder.
  4. Highly advise an umbrella, and unscented sunscreen (really sunny), and great walking shoes, or sandals with great cushioning.

I hope you enjoy your all enjoy your hajj, and thank you almanasik for your hard work!!

Very special Hajj group

Three of us went to Hajj this year and we were very happy and satisfied. What matters the most is that Almanasik and its staff treated us as family and that what really made the difference.


Assalamu Alaykum; Although I have my doubts about this site and the reviews in it, I still wanted to put in some feedback about my 2014 Hajj experience because, first, I was there and went through the entire rituals myself and, no one else told me how things went or how they were ! Second, some people unfortunately would strictly go for this site to make their decision about which group they select to go to Hajj with. I am aware that Allah SWT holds each one of us accountable for what We say and do therefore, here it is; if you have not been to Hajj then, go to Hajj and do not delay it and, if you are trying to make up your mind about which group to go with and you are now reading this review then, you have arrived, Al-Manasik. I can say that the crew Farid (the boss) has, went out of their way to make things happen, they never answered no to anything We asked them and, always smiled except of course the guy that handled the passports !! The logistics and experience they had made others come to us and ask us what the name of our group is and what the amount We paid was, because of what they have noticed about the good services We were receiving. I can say that there were very minor issues at the building which I already brought up to Farid's attention there however, those issues do not and would not effect the performance of Hajj. Finally, I believe that it is valuable to hear it from the people that went to Hajj with Al-Manasik because, one thing is to read from a web page or site and another is to hear it directly from individuals that experienced Hajj with this group so, I am providing my contact info for anyone that wants to ask me any questions regarding my Hajj experience :

Dr. Khaldoon Barakat
(940) 368-8180 if no answer, leave me a msg & I will call you back or, e-mail me :
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Great experience in 2014 Hajj

Alhamdulillah, I made my first hajj this year and choosing Al Manasik was a no brainer. Everything well better than promised. Brother Fareed, the owner really cares about people. The facilities were excellent in all places, food was great and the team was very responsive. Al Manasik has an army working for them in Saudi Arabia, I don't know how brother Fareed makes money with the services he provide, but may Allah Subhana Wataala reward him for the services he provides to his clients.

The communication in the US was very transparent, I was kept abreast of everything that was going on at every stage of the process once I paid my deposit. My calls and emails were always returned promptly.

I never heard about this company until this year, but Inshallah all my future Hajj and Umrah trips will be with them. My suggested tag line for them is "Concentrate on your Ibadah and we will do the rest"

You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want further details.

Excellent Hajj Trip

Me and my husband performed Hajj in 2013 with Almanasik
I have to say their service was Impeccable.
The choice of hotel in Makkah was very good as well as in Madinah.
Alhamdulillah all was perfect.

I would definitely recommend this company for Hajj.

Really enjoyed it

I had a wonderful time with this group, we were told in advance about the hardships
that we may go thru and they prepared us very well for things to come, but alhamdu-li-llah
there was hardly any hardship during our trip. When I can back our community makes a Hajj meeting
for all Hujjaj in our area and they started exchanging notes,
after listening to all of them I very happy that I choose Almanasik to be the Hajj company I went with.

Hajj 2013

It was the best service that they gave us,it was all worthed Allhamdullilah.
It was a great experience with Al-Manasik team,I would recommend that all brothers and sisters should go
with them. Al-Manasik rocks.

The Best Hajj company

Salm alykum The best Jazakm Allah Khur Very very good sarvice
I did enjoy every menont with them bark Allah luhm my name Suad abuelhawa

Great Hajj Service

salam 3lkum
i went with Almanasik. they have the best service and the best staff. they worked hard non stop.
very very recommend.

AlManasik - Very good service

2 years back One of my closed friend have done hajj with this group and he recomended me to go for my
first Hajj with Al-Manasik and i talked to Br. Fareed very first time and felt this will be the right group for
me and my wife and my daughter (she is was less than 2 yrs during hajj journey).

Since i was having my daughter with me i was little concerned, and Alhamdulillah at every step Al Manasik
helped us with best of their abilities.

All the arrangements in Madina/Apt building was excellent. The provided shuttle service from Apt building
to Masjid Al-Haram.They helped us to perform all Hajj arkaans (manasik) as per sunnah. All in all I 'm
very happy that I chose Al-Manasik for my first Hajj.
JazakAllah qair to Al-Mansik group make this journey comfortable.

I strongly recommend my friends to use AL-Manasik service for their Hajj and omra journey.

One of a kind

Jaza Allah all the team members of Almanasik brothers and sisters for a job very well done throughout Hajj,
starting at the airport and ending with mu'allim office.

Excellent ....... Excellent (11-25-2012)

It was my first Hajj, and I am so pleased with my experience with Al-Manasik. They were very professional.
They did their best to help us be comfortable. I recommend Al-Manasik to everyone. I really want to thank
all the staff and Saudi people that made it an easy Hajj on us.
Thank you so much, I am so grateful. Inshaa Allah, I will not think twice who I am going to call for my next

Best Hajj (11-24-2012)

We really enjoyed doing Hajj with this company, the leaders were really helpful, nice and extraordinarily

caring. Me and my family loved doing Hajj with these people and if we ever plan to go for Hajj again we

will definitely choose this group. Overall great Hajj with great people : )

Excellent Experience, Very Organized and Friendly Group (11-23-2012)

May ALLAH bless Br. Farid and his wonderful team for making our 1st hajj experience a great experience.
We were offered excellent service all over the journey. At every moment, we felt that Al-Manasik team are
doing their best to make us focus only on the rituals and not be worried about logistics. The level of service
is quite high for the reasonably priced packages. In addition, the spiritual leaders: Sheikh Tarek and Sheikh
Ahmed, May ALLAH reward them of the best, they were of great help and they set the mood. Sheikh Tarek's
khutbah in Arafa was very important in setting the focus on making doaa. And Sheikh Mostafa whose quran
recitation is so nice to the extent that you don't want him to stop reading in salah.
I will list a few points here:
1. Organization was great
2. Their service was always better than my expectation
3. They make sure we follow the sunnah in all "manasik" and clarify exactly what needs to be done
4. Very nice and friendly team. They take their job seriously and responsibly to make sure the hajjis are
5. We took very short time from Arafa to Muzdalifah (about an hour total), I always heard people take 7-9hrs
6. At Muzdalifah, our sleeping bags were already setup for us. We found them ready for us, we just prayed
and then slept to Fajr. Usually, people carry their stuff from Mina to Arafa and Arafa to Muzdalifah, but for
us burden-free
7. After Muzdalifah, we went back to our Mina camp before throwing "jamarat". We found it decorated and
found "Eid Mubarak" and "Hajj Mabrur" signs which really give the Eid Spirit.
8. On Eid day, at night, there was a Eid celebration which really made us feel the Eid.
9. We were served food from the "Qurbani" on the 2nd day in Mina.
I highly recommend Al-Manasik to everyone, and if I go to hajj or Umrah inshaa ALLAH they will be my choice.
Jazakum ALLAH khairan all Al-Manasik team

Promise Delivered (12-02-2011)

We asked a couple of our friends from different states about which company to perform Hajj with and

Almanasik's name always came up. We called to book our package but the brother who answered the

phone wanted to make sure that we knew what we are buying before we pay our deposit even though

we told him that you were recommended by more than one friend.

After a 30 minute conversation we booked our package and all I can say that whatever we were told

was delivered and in the midst of chaos Almanasik made sure that we were properly served, so thank

you Almanasik for a job well done.

We Were Never Left Alone (11-27-2011)

Alhamdulillah, we performed Hajj and Almanasik at no time tried to cut corners, they made sure that we
performed Hajj according to the Sunnah and tried their best to educate us and inform us of all the Fiqh
matters that we as Hajjis need to be aware of. 
They never left us alone and always had some one to talk to in case of any concerns we had.
I ask Allah to bless them and bless their efforts, I just have one thing to say to Almanasik "Compared
to so many other agencies, you guys are doing great work, just keep it up"

Hajj 2011

Brother Farid tried his best to make everyone happy. In some cases I thought he was doing above
and beyond in entertaining childish and ridiculous requests. He arranged visits to historical sites
both in Makha and Madinha, the Museum in Makha, and provided buses for shopping trips. All
the side trips he arranged at no extra cost were not supposed to be part of the package. He invited
several Islamic scholars to be part of Al-Manasik's Hajj group so every one can learn (24 X 7) the
proper Sunha way of performing Hajj. He makes sure that everyone is secure and comfortable.
In Mazdalfha, Manasik staff was able to setup the camp before our arrival. Manasik provided
comfortable, brand new, designer (Fendi) sleeping bags to everyone in the group. No other Hajj
tour operator took care of the comfort of Hajis like Manasik staff did. Food was in abundance but
not wasted. Manasik staff collected the unopened items from the boxed meals provided in Muzdulfha
and distributed among Hajis who were staying in the open outside our camp in Minha. Fareed
is a very nice god fearing man.
Few people who are complaining in their comments probably expected something different
but my experience at 2011 Hajj was excellent with Al-Manasik. I will recommend Al-Manasik
for everyone who wants to save $1500 over other more luxurious Hajj tour operators.
Suggestions to ease people anxiety:
1) Have more visible Al-Manasik help desk at Jedha Airport for arrival and departure.
2) Have a PR team with single message - Provide group leaders with PR training. 
3) Set expectations that Saudi Hajj ministry is responsible for releasing buses and Manasik
as a Hajj tour company has no control over it. There is no larger gathering in the world than
Hajj. The logistics of handing 4 million people moving in one direction, with time limitation,
is amazing that Saudis authorities can pull this event. 
4) Al-Manasik's authorized travel agents should not pretend that they are the one operating
the Hajj tour.

May Allah Bless You for Your Beautiful Effort (12-15-2010)

There is not enough words to describe the relentless effort and care that Almanasik provided me
and my family through-out the entire journey. I wish them the best and the ability to continue with
their service the way they did. Almanasik was recommended to me by a friend and I will always be
grateful for his recommendation.

Al-Manasik Cares (12-14-2010)

Alhamdulillah I completed my first Hajj this year and I could not be happier! Overall the experience
was much better than what I expected. 
This was my first Hajj and I was by myself because my husband was not able to join me. I heard about
Al-Manasik from a friend of mine who performed the Hajj last year. She was very pleased with them
and strongly recommended them. 
Al-Manasik and brother Farid delivered everything they promised. They were honest and straight

forward from day one when I booked my trip and they were always helpful even when I requested

that they arrange for a little detour in my way back to the U.S.

The housing was exact ally as they described in their package, the apartments were clean and they

had soft drinks, tea and coffee available 24 hours and there were plenty of food as well.

They were extra cautious to keep the group together and guide us through thousands of people

and ensured no body was left behind or wondered away from the group.

Brother Farid held a daily meeting to inform us about what we will be doing the next day and

two scholars explained how to do every task and they took the time answer every question.

What really sets them apart from anybody else is that they care about you as an individual

and as a Muslim brother or sister. In one case they refused to move the bus when an older

couple was late in coming back, in another case they accompanied another couple to the

airport to look for their lost languages and when they did not find it, Al-Manasik sent a

representative the next day back the airport to look for it again and then brought the

languages to their hotel. With me personally, when I asked for direction to a pharmacy,

they asked me to just tell them what I need, they sent someone and bought my medicine

and even refuse to make me pay.

I was extremely pleased with Al-Manasik and the way they handle everything and I

recommend them with all my heart. I will use them again if Allah permits me to do it again.

Trustworthy and hard-working (12-01-2010)

Alhamdullilah, my husband and I found Almanasik through my husband's friend
who went with Almanasik before and highly recommended them. Especially after speaking
to other friends who went on Hajj in the past and this year with other companies, I realized
how lucky we were to have chosen Almanasik!
They went out of their away to provide not only standard service, but also little extras,
which really made the service superior, for example:
-they even arranged for us to do Tawaf al-Ifada in the middle of the night by bus,
while most companies did not provide buses and people had to walk 5 miles from Mina
to Makkah. 
-Starting at the Madinah airport, we had all of the right stickers and documents in our
passport, so it only took 10 minutes to get processed and out of the airport, whereas
a friend I know who went with another group had to buy some stickers and get a prepaid
check in the airport and it took hours of frustration and waiting because her company
didn't do this for her.
-Along the way, we met people from other American Hajj companies, for example,
Dar al-Salam, which has a great reputation but it more expensive. People from Dar al-Salam
seemed to have pretty much the same standards as our group and stayed in the same hotel
in Madinah, despite the fact that we paid less. 
-They provided a convenient shuttle to take us to the Haram in Makkah from our apartments,
so we could come and go as we pleased.
-We had five women staff members in the women's tent who kept the place clean,
the coolers stocked, and would help us with anything we needed, they were also working
in our apartments in Azizaye to keep everything clean
-They gave us an incredibly clean spread in Muzdalifa that was already set out when we got there,
much better than what anyone else around us had, some of the employees had gotten there
early and claimed a prime spot for us, I know a friend who went with Dar al-Salam who had to camp
out in a terrible location underneath an overpass.
-They had a lot of employees around who could always help with problems or questions of the hujjaj.
-They provided two American-born religious scholars who were more than willing to answer our
many questions and give lectures on important aspects related to religious sites in Madinah and Hajj in Makkah.
The list can go on and on, but I truly feel blessed to have gone with such an organized company,
so I could concentrate on performing my Hajj rituals instead of worrying about the logistics.
With 3-4 million people on Hajj everywhere, it is a logistical nightmare, and Almanasik should
be praised for its ability to do the best job it can considering the almost impossible circumstances.
I would highly recommend it and if we are able to save up our money again, we would certain return
for Umrah or Hajj with Almanasik.

You will get whatever you are promised (08-04-2009)

I heard a lot of bad stories about what happens during Hajj but alhamdulillah Almanasik made life much

easier and with as little issues as possible. I recommend Almanasik to anyone who wants to go to Hajj

Just Al Manasik (2008)

with almanasik and just with al manasik you have to go to hajj .

I would rate the overall services (08-09-2008)

of the company with one word call


jazakom allah kol alkhair


Very good company (07-14-2008)

Excellent comapany. I recommend it to everyone.

Their prices are O.K.

Hajj (2007)

Congratulations to Almanasik on successful completion of the 2007 Hajj groups management.
May Allah Bless you all for doing it as an Ibadah not business.
Me & my husband Naseem Jilani are extremely grateful to you both & all
members of Almanasik management who organized the Hajj program
& who were with us there during the Hajj Days. We find your management 
very competent as far as fulfilling the promises. We think that the
service & organization of Program 2 which we had was beyond expectations
& was comparable to any big group like Dar el Salam. The 
wide variety & huge quantities of healthy food & beverages supply through out the trip
kept the Hajji's well nourished to perform the rituals energetically. Good management 
of Alamansik's privately owned buses from the Almanasik residential building & even from Mina
made it possible for the Hajji's to perform daily prayers In Haram & to perform
Tawaf-e-Ziarah on time (very peacefully on 11th just after midnight even before
other groups could make it). Hotels provided in the package as promised were
within the premises of Haram (2-3 minute walk) both in Mecca & Medina with amazing 
variety of food in the buffet.
Even on 10th & 12th Dhul Hijjah & later we had a home in Mecca (The Residential
Units), to go there take showers rest & wait after Hajj rather than sitting on some airport
waiting for plane or buses. Compared with other people In Arafat & Mudalifah also we were very
comfortable as were directed to fold & carry our sleeping mattresses in buses.
All this comfort is not expected on Hajj days but was very helpful for us in making us 
rest & do Ibadahs on time. 
On top of all things the presence of a well known & very learned scholar
Sheikh Mohammad Alshareef (Madina University Scholar & Leader of Almaghrib organization) was the best thing
that we were blessed with. We are thankful to him for providing such a good
guidance on our first Hajj & accompanying us atleast once on almost all rituals.
This group made us perform all Hajj rituals according to the Sunnah & even waited 
before going to Madina for those who could not do Tawaf-e-widah & made extra
trips for them to the Haram. 
We did not face any difficulty & were really surprised how it can be so smooth.
May Allah Accept it & grant all of us forgiveness from our sins. It was a memorable
trip for us.


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