Hajj Update

Due to the continuous influx of pilgrims to the Holy Mosques to perform Umrah, we are anticipating that there will be Hajj this year in sha’ Allah. However, Hajj processes as well as rules and regulations are ambiguous with many unanswered questions, all due to COVID-19 and its variants.
However, here is what we know so far.

1) Number of Hajjis will be less than usual
2) Booster shot is required to perform Hajj
3) Negative PCR is required
4) All Hajjis will stick 100% to their Hajj program.
5) unlocked phones are needed in Saudi Arabia to activate Hajj Apps
6) Hajj movement must be fully coordinated with group leader.
7) Follow health guidelines.
8) Fatawa to make Hajj safer will be implemented during Hajj days.
9) 18 years could be the minimum age allow, no max age limit has been imposed