Hajj Update

March 19, 2021
The following is the Health Ministry Update for the upcoming Hajj season|
However, we are still waiting to hear from the Hajj Ministry.
Please check our FB page for the most up to date information as it is updated as news arrives.
Please fill the form below to sign up if you are interested in going to Hajj this year In sha’ Allah
(No Deposit Required)

1) Completely Vaccinated (Both shots), (Proof Required)
2) Negative PCR result, 72 hrs. before arriving to KSA.
3) 72 hrs. quarantine period upon arrival to KSA.
4) Re-test for COVID-19, 48 hrs. after arrival.
5) Must wear a mask at all times.
6) All Hajjis will stick 100% to their Hajj program.
7) 6 ft. Social Distancing in sleeping quarters.
8) Hajj movement must be fully coordinated with group leader.
9) Follow health guidelines.
10) Fatawa to make Hajj more safe will be implemented during Hajj days.
11) Ages allowed between 18 to 60 years.
12) Health Ministry will supervise the quarantine as well as testing processes.