Things You Need

Things You Need for Your Journey to Hajj

Courtesy of Hajj & Umrah: From A to Z by Mamdouh N. Mohamed, p. 20

Hajj Requirements Checklist

Please make sure that we receive all the following documents to be able to complete your hajj application. Failure to do so may result in delays or the rejection of your application by the Sauid Embassy. All documents must be provided in English unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions please call our customer service at 1-877-468-6425

1. Valid passport for at least 6 months from date of departure with two facing blank pages(No handwritten passports accepted by Saudi Consulate) / for US Citizens a good scan is sufficient

2. Two (2) passport size photos with white background / for US Citizens a good scan is sufficient

3. If not a US passport holder, a notorized copy of your green card. (back and front). Must send the original green card as well since it is required by the Saudi Consulate

4. COVID-19 Booster & Meningitis shot record, please send us a copy of your vaccination card.

5. If you are not from an officially Islamic country, or you have a non-Muslim name,we will need a certificate that verifies you are a Muslim. (you can obtain this from your local mosque)

6. If traveling with your spouse, a copy of your marriage certificate.

7. If you are traveling with your children, a copy of their birth certificates.

8. Is there any remaining balance on your account with us? Payment is full is required before leaving for Hajj unless otherwise arranged with us

9. If you are traveling with your mother/sister, a copy of birth certificates/proof of relationships.These need to clearly show the relationships.

10. If you are a female 45 years of age or older who is traveling alone,do you have a notarized letter from your “mahram” allowing travel for hajj? We will need a copy of that letter and you should keep it on you when traveling.

11. Hajj application for the Saudi Embassy?

  Items to Bring

– Sandals (without a back)
– Vaccination Card
– Personal Clothes
– Umbrella
– Money
– Passport and plane tickets

  Items NOT to Bring

– No Food
– No Liquids
– No Cigarettes
– No Weapons